Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with a mix of high energy fun and a social atmosphere.


Padel is a high energy & engaging mix of Tennis & Squash.

Always played in doubles, the sport is great for players of all ages and abilities. It’s easy to play, social and a great way to stay fit!


How to Play?


  • Serve underhand into the diagonal box on the opposite side. You have two attempts!

Using the walls

  • The ball can only bounce on your turf once.
  • Once it does, it can bounce off any glass wall on your side, before or after you hit it!
  • Your return must touch your opponent’s turf  before the wall

You score a point when….

  • The ball bounces twice on your opponent’s turf
  • Your opponent’s return hits your walls before your turf
  • Your opponent hits the ball into the net or over the walls
  • The rest is just like tennis: game, set, match – repeat!


Quick & easy to learnQuick & easy to learn

Have funHave fun

Stay fitStay fit